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20th May 2018 

I provide Supervision based around the Hawkins and Shohet Seven Eyed Model which helps to ensure all aspects of the client/counsellor/supervisor relationship are discussed, including any organisational context for either counsellor or supervisor.

The BACP recommends that all counsellors and psychotherapists practising under the Ethical Framework have appropriate levels of clinical supervision, dependent on their client load. For most counsellors, except those in training, this is often covered by a single session lasting one and a half hours every month. Other governing bodies, such as the NCS or UKCP also recommend a minimum level of supervision, depending on your circumstances and experience.

It is important that while we are in supervision together we have a clear understanding of how we might work and what we expect from each other, I have a Supervision Agreement which may help to form the basis of this understanding, which I can send to you.

It is also possible to arrange for sessions to be carried out using SKYPE.

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I have provided 1-2-1 face-2-face supervision with the NHS IAPT Depression and Anxiety Service in Exeter, working with their Voluntary Counselling Service and I also work with private clients, including students.

I currently work with CentrePeace in Paignton, where some of my supervisees have been kind enough to give me the following feedback about my work with them and permission to reproduce it here:


I have found Caroline to be very helpful and it is great to share issues in a group and of course find some humour at times!

I find Caroline very professional with lots of good input.

I like Caroline's creativity.

I'm very satisfied with the way our supervision group is going. It's very beneficial for me to be able to share with the others. I've found it useful to discuss ways of working with clients who have similar presenting issues to my clients, and also very informative to hear about experiences of working with clients who have quite different issues from the clients I have at present.

I like the way Caroline manages the sessions. I think she shares her experiences and makes comments in an appropriate way. She is very supportive, and I think this has helped to create an atmosphere of safety and trust where I feel comfortable sharing.................. I really appreciate having this opportunity to work with Caroline and the other counsellors and I am grateful to them for what I'm learning and gaining in these sessions.

I always feel supported by Caroline. She has a lovely, easy manner, is very attentive and considerate.

I like Caroline and feel I could bring most anything to group supervision. I respect Caroline's knowledge and appreciate the way she runs the group in a supportive way, towards each person. Everyone is included and given time to bring any issues regarding clients this has led to interesting debate and discussion. I particularly enjoy (if we have time) that Caroline will bring Therapy today discussions into the group as well.

Caroline has been a great find for CentrePeace! She works with genuine care and a generous, selfless desire to help us be the best we can as an organisation. She is easy to talk you and hugely supportive. Thank you.


If you would like to discuss supervision further, you can contact me either by phone or email using the details above.

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